2015 Transportation Report Card

A great transportation system grows the economy, gives people choices and keeps our environment healthy. Central Maryland's Regional Grade: D


Reliable Transit

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Our Grade: D MTA reports an 86% on-time performance across all modes when weighted by ridership. It should be noted that MTA defines on-time as ranging from one minute prior to five minutes after scheduled arrival time and performance only includes vehicles on the street. MTA does not factor in delays experienced by riders when a vehicle is removed from a route. Possibly for those reasons transit riders frequently report late service: 42% of Rate Your Ride reports are for vehicles that were late or skipped a stop.

Definition: This indicator measures on-time performance by the various modes of the Maryland Transit Administration: local bus, Metro Subway, Central Light Rail, MARC commuter rail, and mobility shuttles. It uses the share of total ridership of each mode to calculate a weighted average on-time performance for the entire system. Because this data is self-reported by MTA, we also look at on-time performance issues as reported by MTA customers through the Rate Your Ride tool.

Reason: This is an indicator of whether our transportation system gives you choices. Reliability tells us whether the system gets people to work, classes and appointments on time. If public transit is unreliable then many people will not see it as a viable choice. For employers, an unreliable transit system affects employee turnover and productivity.

Who's Doing It Better?: Denver, Kansas City, and Charlotte. A number of our peer regions report higher on-time performances than MTA, including Denver, Kansas City, and Charlotte.

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