2015 Transportation Report Card


Physical Activity

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Our Grade: C In the Central Maryland region 77% of adults reported participating in physical activity, which is lower than most of our peer regions. This is also a contributing factor in the prevalence of obesity, which affects 25% of our region's population.

Definition: This indicator measures the percent of a region's population that participated in physical activity during the past month. It is based on the Centers for Disease Control's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey.

Reason: This is an indicator of whether our transportation system is keeping you and your environment healthy2. Physical activity can significantly reduce people's risk of chronic diseases and is associated with improved quality of life, emotional well-being, and positive mental health. Transportation infrastructure and policies can positively impact physical activity levels by encouraging bicycling and walking. Additionally, people are more likely to walk when they use public transportation and the lack of an adequate public transit system may mean that opportunities for physical activity are lost.

Who's Doing It Better?: Denver. The Denver region has a higher rate of physical activity (83%) and a lower rate of obesity (20%) than Baltimore.

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