2015 Transportation Report Card

A great transportation system grows the economy, gives people choices and keeps our environment healthy. Central Maryland's Regional Grade: D


Disposable Income

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Our Grade: F In Central Maryland 58% of households exceed the affordability standard.

Definition: The Center for Neighborhood Technology has established 45% of household income as the affordability threshold for combined transportation and housing expenses. This indicator analyzes how many households in a metropolitan region spend more than 45% of their income on transportation and housing.

Reason: This is an indicator of whether our transportation system supports economic growth. For most U.S. households transportation is the number two largest expenditure after housing. In some cases household savings due to lower housing costs are offset by higher transportation costs, and vice versa. Spending less on housing and transportation means more money in your pocket and that buying power supports local business and strengthens the economy.

Who's Doing It Better?: Washington, DC. The Washington, D.C. region has only 38% of its population exceeding the affordability standard. Despite being perceived as the more expensive place to live, D.C. shows it can be more affordable when accounting for lower transportation costs attributable to high quality transit service and walkability.

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