Will We Be Better Off? - Our BaltimoreLink Analysis

On October 22, 2015 the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) announced the creation of BaltimoreLink, a proposal to redesign the entire local and express bus systems throughout Baltimore and add 12 new high-frequency, color-coded bus routes intended to improve connections to jobs and other transit modes. An overhaul of the bus routes is much-needed and something the Transportation Alliance has supported for years.

But we wanted to know more about the new system and what impacts it would have for riders and the public. Our independent analysis of BaltimoreLink shows that it doesn't deliver on MTA's promises of "transformative" change. We found that for the average resident of the region access to jobs does not increase significantly. And access to jobs actually gets worse on the weekends. We're calling on the MTA to increase funding for the plan to add more service that will result in better outcomes for riders, like significantly improved job access and shorter travel times. Full Report
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The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance was formed in 2007 as a diverse coalition of corporate and civic leaders uniting business, philanthropic and institutional sectors around a common agenda: improving and expanding transportation options for the citizens and businesses of Central Maryland. Our singular focus is to be a catalyst for improving the region's transportation.